• ALL visitors to the park intending to participate in any paintball activities MUST register at the registration area located at the front entrance of the facility.
  • The minimum age limit for playing at Canyon is 14 and above.  We have done younger groups, but these very rare events  are highly supervised and do not mix with others. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS as most of the paintball safety equipment and the basic nature of the sport is MADE FOR ADULTS.
  • Please call one of the numbers in the contacts section to discuss this. No maximum age but if you have a heart condition or are prone to allergies associated with the outdoors it is STRONGLY recommended that you do not participate
  • We DO NOT DO compressed air fills for players not playing at Canyon. It is strongly recommended you use your air tanks and markers in recognized paintball facilities. No matter who you are. These items are extremely dangerous and WILL cause permanent injuries if not properly used.
  • We have a unique concept of an  ‘ARMORY’ at Canyon. All markers must be checked into the armory for the duration of a visit to the park. We do not allow markers in the general areas of the park for obvious reasons. Please feel free to have your marker with you in the general area only if your air tank is visibly disconnected (DE-gassed) from the marker and your hopper removed from the feed neck.
  • A barrel sock is required at ALL times. NO “dry firing” allowed at the players resting area.
  • Lastly basic paintball rules are STRONGLY enforced during game play. Please do your best to follow these rules. They are there because other people want them even if you do not feel some of the rules are necessary. If you are unfamiliar with these rules please join one of the many safety/rules briefing conducted by our experienced paintball referees every morning before game time. We want you to join us, we want you to play, we want you to have great time but we do not want you to spoil it for everyone else.

Thank you.