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NXL ASIA Leg 2 Is Coming Soon!

Leg 2 is just around the corner, and it’s happening on July 26-28th!

Location of the next leg of NXL Asia

Practice Video of NXL Asia Leg 1

The best teams of Asia will be competing at this year’s NXL Asia Leg 1 – Take a look at the last practice at Canyon Paintball in Selangor, Malaysia that took place before Leg 1!

NXL ASIA Georgetown International X-ball Cup

NXL Asia has placed Penang, Malaysia on the map as an exceptional and scenic destination for competitive paintball players – G.I. Sportz talks with the league’s organizer, David Guch to talk about the important growth of Asia paintball and the monumental opportunities this league has to offer for players world wide. Check out the 2018 NXL Asia GeorgeTown International X-Ball Cup Highlights!

Check Out Our Interview with the Feel Good Show!


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